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Emotional Kitchen

The solution to eating and edible challenges

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Who We Are

Emotional Kitchen is a unique supplier of highest quality food products, cooked with the latest techniques that offers gourmet solutions to chewing and swallowing problems.
Founded by Firo Vázquez de Parga and his team at the El Olivar restaurant.
Aided with the work and experience of professionals  as Dr. Juan Antonio Martínez, Dra. Alicia Celemín, Dra, Mª Dolores Garrido, and the University Francisco de Vitoria.
Today we are ready to offer our innovative dishes to particular customers , delivering at home.
For further information, please contact us

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Our Offering

Emotional & Nutritional Food

Emotional Kitchen consists of traditional dishes cooked at El Olivar with the highest possible quality, and through a patented scientific process made in concentrate form ready for easy digestion.
We will ship them to your home so that those people who might require it can taste our dishes.
All you have to do is add water or broth, and then you will be ready to enjoy all the flavors and aroma
Each dich comes with all the nutrient information from the original dish.
Additionally, we might be able to prepare any dish of your choice as a personal order.

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Soluble traditional dishes that maintain all their original flavor, fragrance and nutrients

Multiples Textures

Highly concentrated natural nutrients
Without additives.

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Contact Us


Ctra. de Caravaca 50
Moratalla, 30440

+34 968 724 054

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